Chao Word Cards

After pronunciation and Chinese characters, Chinese vocabulary is the next challenge for Mandarin learners.

Many people find it really difficult to memorize numerous Chinese phrases and idioms through traditional classroom learning.

You might easily forget the phrases that you've just learned yesterday. You work very hard and practice all the time, trying to memorize some new Chinese phrases. But when you see them again, you just can not tell the exact meanings of these Chinese words, and do not know how to use them in real conversations.

Really discouraged and frustrated!

It's quite common for so many Chinese learners and Chinese vocabulary seems so difficult to master. You need to work hard, it's true, but more important thing you need to do is to change the way you are practicing.

Chao Words Cards is a practical and easy way to do your daily practices.

It's effective through the immediate improvements from daily practices of hundreds of Mandarin students at Chao Mandarin.

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Learn Chinese Characters: They Are NOT Monsters

Chinese Characters are essential for Chinese Learning.

In this lesson, you will learn a simple process of Chinese character writing practice.

It's easy to follow and very effective.

This writing practice not only ask you to learn how to write Chinese characters, but also integrate the practice of pronunciation, use of dictionary, and understanding of Chinese phrases. 

Do it in the same way and you will make big progress in a really short time.

Learn Chinese Characters
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Quick Guide to Chinese Pinyin

Join Chinese Online Conversations

Langauge is the art of communication.

If you aim to learn Mandarin well, Chinese Online Communities will be your perfect classrooms.

You can find up to date topics in China, join online groups you are interested in, make new Chinese friends, and enjoy the conversations as long as you love.

Let me show you how you can do this effectively.

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Must Have Apps in China

Use Your Mobile Phone As A Chinese

Nowadays, we’d all agree that people are on their phones “all the time.”

If you are learning Mandarin, have you ever thought making your mobile phone as a powerful learning tool?

What if you can use your mobile phone as a typical Chinese does?

A lot of smartphone use seems to be habitual, automatic behaviors that we have no awareness of.

And this it what we are seeking for as the best way to build your thinking in Mandarin.

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Chinese Dictionaries

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Speak Mandarin As Often As Possible

If you want to be really good at Mandarin, you must give up the traditional learning method, to learn Mandarin through English or other languages.

It's imperative to form a habit to think in Mandarin Chinese.

Don’t think and write in your language and then translate it into Mandarin.

If there is always a translation process before you speak Mandarin, you would never speak it well.

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Write For Your Real Life

Write Daily Journals