Best Way to Learn Mandarin

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A practical guide to make Mandarin part of your lifestyle.

Actually, you can learn Mandarin Chinese in a better way.

  • Begin with basics in the right method.
  • Understand key challenges and how to conquer them.
  • Apply simple but effective mandarin learning strategy.
  • Practice through easy to follow training techniques.
  • Learn how to discover best resources, and tools.
  • Use your Mandarin all the time as a habit.

I know how hard it can be to learn and master a new language, especially Mandarin Chinese.

But, It’s much easier than many people think, and you do not necessarily need to be a GENIUS.

If you can often use Mandarin Chinese in your real life, you will be fluent in this language in a very short time.



I've asked hundreds of Mandarin learners about their biggest barriers in the mandarin study.

  • I could not master the tones, they are too difficult for me.
  • Writing Chinese characters is too difficult. I am scared.
  • I know every single Chinese character in the sentence, but I still can not understand it.
  • I am still very nervous to join Mandarin conversation after several years study.
  •  I'm afraid of making mistakes in my Chinese writing.
  • It's too boring to memorize Chinese words, and it's too slow to see the progress.

Secrets to Fluent Mandarin

Starting mandarin learning is easy, but many people give up after several months, or even several weeks.

Repeat something with passion is the right way to keep your study in a long run.

Everything will be easier when you realize fluent Mandarin capability comes from a Mandarin lifestyle.

  • Meeting with interesting Chinese people,
  • Reading interesting Chinese stories, news,
  • Watching Chinese movies and drama,
  • Using Mandarin apps in your daily life,
  • Socializing and communicating with Chinese speakers,
  • Discovering the Chinese world as a Chinese do.

This Course Is Designed For You

If You Want to...

  • get a more effective Mandarin learning strategy.

  • be fluent in Mandarin in a shorter time.

  • study the Mandarin essentials efficiently, and precisely.

  • find the best mandarin learning resources.

  • know how to find the best learning tools and resources.

  • learn successfully by yourself.

  • ​know how to keep learning in a long run, in a fun way.

  • know the most effective training techniques.

  • ​solve your problems using Chinese.

  • use Chinese in your real life.

You Will Get

This course covers all the important things you need to begin the Mandarin study and master the language.

  • check
    Major features of Mandarin Chinese
  • check
    Learning strategies for western learners
  • check
    Mandarin study planning
  • check
    Quick guide for mandarin beginners
  • check
    Basics to pronunciation and tones
  • check
    Key knowledge to Chinese character writing
  • check
    Secrets to increase your Chinese vocabulary
  • check
    Essential daily training techniques
  • check
    Skills and tools to learn like a native Chinese
  • check
    Advanced skills for mandarin listening, speaking, reading & writing 

Change Your Way of Learning

This is the most important benefit of this course.

In the end of each lesson, there are discussions or assignments for you to work on.

Our teacher will comment on your homework and reply to all the relevant comments and private messages.

We are aiming to make your Chinese learning more effective and fun.

Table of Contents

Secrets to Fluent Mandarin

Correct your pronunciation problem through more listening practices.

Is Mandarin Difficult to Learn?

  • Why do people think Mandarin is difficult?
  • What are the major differences between Mandarin & European languages?
  • How could you be successful in Mandarin learning?

Make Mandarin Part of Your Lifestyle

  • What are real difficulties in Mandarin learning?
  • What's the secret to a good memory?
  • How to make Mandarin learning less boring?
  • How to live a life like a Chinese?

Planning Your Mandarin Study

  • How to make your perfect Mandarin study plan?
  • What are the most useful and essential training techniques?

Make A Study Plan That You Can Follow

Learn the Mandarin Basics

千里之行始于足下 qiānlǐzhīxíngshǐyúzúxià A thousand mile journey begins with the first step

Quick Guide to Chinese Pinyin

  • How to master pinyin in a short time?
  • How to get perfect Chines tones?

Learn Chinese Characters

  • Should I learn Chinese characters?
  • How many characters does an average Chinese person know?
  • What is the best way to learn Chinese characters?
  • How to write Chinese characters better?

An Effective Process of Writing Practice

  • Comprehensive training

Essentials to Learn

  • radicals
  • character structures
  • stroke order

Chao Word Cards

  • What's the best way to memorize Chinese words?

A Simple, but effective training technique

  • Build your thinking in Mandarin
  • Teach you to draw your understanding picture
  • Comprehensive daily practices on Chinese pronunciation, words, and sentences

Chao Mandarin Training System

A practical system of training techniques.

Best Chosen Mandarin Stories

  • What's the best way to practice your Mandarin listening?
  • How to find the best Mandarin listening resources?

Key steps to effective Mandarin story listening practices

Recite, Retell, and Repeat

Further strengthen your listening and practice your speaking.

  • What is the best way to start Mandarin speaking?
  • What are the best materials I can find?

Write Daily Journals

You can write something everyday and make it a habit.

  • How to start your systematic mandarin writing practices?

Write For Your Real Life

You can write something everyday and make it a habit.

  • How to improve and polish your Mandarin writing skills?

Speak Mandarin As Often As Possible

It's time to speak in your real life.

  • How to be fluent in Mandarin speaking?

Advanced skills for Chinese speaking

Chinese Dictionaries

Chinese dictionaries are your major tools to learn new Chinese characters.

  • I know every single Chinese character in the sentence, but I can not understand it. How so?
  • How to make full use of a Chinese dictionary?

Secrets to Increase Your Active Mandarin Vocabulary

Chinese-Chinese Dictionary Recommendations

Make Mandarin Your LifeStyle

Use Mandarin as often as possible.

Do everything in Mandarin Chinese.

Use Your Mobile Phone As A Chinese

  • How to immerse yourself in Mandarin through the mobile phone?
  • Create a Mandarin companion in your hand

    Must Have Apps in China

    • What can you do with a mobile phone in Chinese language?

    A Complete List of Must Have Mandarin Apps

    Join Chinese Online Conversations

    • What Chinese online communities are best for your Mandarin study?
    • What practices can you do in these communities.


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